Get Your Brand Game Stronger With These Popular Logo Generators for Free

Logo Generators for Free

If you are the owner of a business, then you know that marketing is a key element when it comes to your business’ recognition and exposure. Creating a logo can be a lot of work and if you are someone that is not really experienced or creative enough to do something like that, then it can also be very costly. However, instead of hiring that professional designer that can cost you thousands, we suggest that you take a look at some of the great logo maker generators out there since they can help you do the work yourself for a fraction of what a designer would charge you. To help you out, we have put together a few of those generators below.


One of the worst things about working with an actual logo designer, apart from the cost, is all of the back and forth with the design between you and the designer until you are actually happy with it. Using Logojoy feels like you are working with a designer, but it doesn’t cost nearly as much, in fact you can get a great logo for as little as $20, and you also eliminate the time that all of that back and forth would take up. You can modify the logo in real-time using all of the tools that the site provides, and the whole process of finding and modifying your logo is free up until you are actually ready to purchase it.


If you don’t consider yourself to be a very tech-savvy person, then this is the logo maker generator for you. Canva offers you over a 100 different stock templates for free for you to choose between, and because of its super easy-to-use drag and drop interface, it can even be used by people that have no deign experience whatsoever. If you choose to go with this generator, you can get a high resolution logo that you can download in JPG, PDF and PNG formats, and this won’t cost you extra.

Logo Genie

This is another generator that provides a very user-friendly interface and you can use this design tool to create the perfect logo and make all of your design ideas come to life. When you use this logo maker it, again, feels like you are working with a professional designer while eliminating all of the annoying bits. This is because you can customize your logo’s color, add gradient to it, the orientation and so on until it fits your design requirements. After you come up with the perfect design, you can then purchase it in JPG, EPS. PNG and PDF formats, to name a few.

There is no question that, when it comes to the logo, you definitely need to put some effort and time because that is the first thing that your customers will notice about your business. Make sure to choose the right logo maker generator that will fit your style and create the perfect logo to represent your business and capture your customer’s attention.